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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Woman Like Me

Do you think
You could fall for a woman like me
'Cause I find it hard to trust
I need too much
And I really don't believe in love
Do you think
That I could be the girl of your dreams
Sometimes I don't let things go
Get emotional
And sometimes I'm just out of control

You need to stop for a minute
Before you get too, deep up in it
'Cause everything ain't what it seems
It's hard loving a woman
A woman like me
You need to think about it
Before you get hooked on the venom
And can't live without it
Can't believe everything you see
It's hard loving a woman
A woman like me

Do you think
That I could be the one that you seek
'Cause baby I'm one step ahead
You're two steps behind
But baby I don't mind
Do you think
That I can make you real happy baby
Just don't get me wrong
My loving is so strong
But I ain't tryna lead you on

10 pembebel berjaya:

annfrendly said...

hye...jum share link...

annfrendly said...

thx atienalova..

b@bi gOlek said...

everyone will get their pair n they were meant to be together... even though ur a weird stuff o wut... there will be someone for you...
but then if ur not similar...
well people can change n suits each other..
if ur moving one steps ahead of him...
then he can move how many steps he wants while ur asleep to match up ur pace...

Atira. said...


but its good, give them a warn before they get started.

women are too complicated.

b@bi gOlek said...

i agree with u atira...
women sometimes can be very2 complicated...
but if she's the one for you,
you shud be able to do averything to make things easy..

amer|zhafran said...

steady molep dio loni...


idup atien!!!...


atienalova said...

b@bi g0lek: ure s0mekind of 'Dr. cinta' yek? heheheeee.. interestin.

atira: s0metimes, b0ys cant even understand that we actually aren't interested in them.

amer zhafran: steady b0h..

b@bi gOlek said...

doc cinta??
sounds funny...
just give my own opinion...

Bintang said...

saya juga seperti woman seperti kamu lorh..
pengalaman mengajar kita supaya lebih berhati2..

atienalova said...

b@bi g0lek: act w0man wasnt that c0mplicated.

bintang: pengalaman mengajar kita mengenali kehidupan. eh2. hahahaaa.