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im walking in the rain. i find myself trying to wash away the pain.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All these feelings, somehow they are only to be remembered, not to be kept.

oh. there's not much g0in on today. im really bored and its gettin late. g0in to c0llege t0morr0w? well i hate that place!

wanna kn0w why?

coz its so freeking cr0wded with pe0ples! and i kept runnin into the person i hate and apparently, love most.

i am not a stalker. but im d0in it without my purp0se. he someh0w had m0ve on, but i kept w0ndering whats g0in on with his life!?
Man, what the hell was i thinking!?


i am not very go0d at handling break up. even it has been m0nths since i last contact him.


i start t0 bite my nails, staring at the ph0ne. h0ping he'll call me wanting me back.

wait a minute!

he wasnt what i wanted, wasnt what i th0ught, he never made me feel like i was special.

he isnt really what im lo0kin f0r.

so what the hack im waiting for!?

i think its time for me to bail.

4 pembebel berjaya:

annfrendly said...

ermm... hopefully one day u'll meet ur Mr Right, suitable guy for and live happily ever after ya dear..

amer|zhafran said...

watpe duk pk bnda lepas???

huh...teruskan idup laa k..bnyk masa lagi..



b@bi gOlek said...

let bygone be bygone my friend...
start new chapter
memories can be keep but not to be cried over...

atienalova said...

b@bi g0lek: oh2.. i ase u mmg dr cinta laa... hahahahaaa.