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Sunday, January 23, 2011

i just cant picture myself being a housewife.

bila terpaksa memaksa diri to get along with the hectic life at shah alam, and suddenly being home with nothing else to do except pampering diri sendiri, everyday became a boring day.

dan sang suami turut sama membantu menambahkan keboringan, since i was left behind because he had to go to work. demm!

well its not his bloody fault. as i know he's working hard for our own good. fatin's junior is about to see the world within 3 months. and a lot of things should be prepared. the family's getting bigger oyeah!

being home doing some housework everyday, its not fun at all. aku betul2 respek lah kat para housewives nih. bukan senang jadi suri rumah rupa-rupanya. huhuh.

gotta find entertainment. better find some. before i get too emo, crying alone feeling lonely!

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shadowz said...

senyum, seronok dan senang hati.. try la... hehehe

Nurul Syarini said...

babe, fatin's junior ??? does it means that ur baby is a girl?!!!

Naquiah Umairah said...

'fatin junior' atien..?
warghh... congratulation..
make sure letak nama nieh eh: fatin naquiah..:) haaaa, sedap nye la nama tu..:)

Dhea Ahmad said...

mak aih gambor seksi nyer.....

Anonymous said...

congratulation =)
bakal dapat baby..
mesti comel macam mama die :D

NenetPenne (NP) said...

crying alone feeling lonely tu dah lama sebati dalam hidup...