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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

first and second months pregnancy

Morning sickness, which can happen any time throughout the day, start to begin. because of this morning sickness lah, i noticed i am having a baby. yipeee! and it happened on fasting month! and becauce of morning sickness ni jugak lah, i skipped fasting for about 2 weeks! lame giler! kan? and i also skipped classes for the same period. thank God my lecturers and my friends do understand. kalau tak paham tak tau lah kan? huhuh.

My breasts *ehem become slightly fuller and tender,
breast soreness and tenderness continues and the nipple area darkens. and i urinate more frequently. I also experience fatigue. Wont talk much. unless it is important. changes in body’s hormones cause dizziness.

i am not surprised when my emotions start to swing. I may feel joy or elation, or become weepy, fearful and irritable. These feelings are normal, i guess lah.. hahaa..

i cant and i wont forget one moment when i were rushed to the emergency ward because of the wrong medication! semuanya kerana ubat tahan muntah. so to those first timers mommy-to-be, jangan telan mane2 ubat mase pregnancy okay. aku nih tatau pape tu pasal mintak ubat tahan muntah. ubat pulak tak seswai dengan badan. terus masuk spital kejap. huhuh. pengalaman.

okay. enough for now. tatau nak share ape lagi. heheheee. till then, bubye~

2 pembebel berjaya:

Syarina said...

uiit,excited haa with ur pregnancy...
me too...bile perut ko nak besar lg ??lmbtnye baby nak kuar...xsabar auntie syarina nak jumpe...hihihi

atienalova said...

mok cik syarina lah. wekwek!