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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

back on track!

its been a while since i last post an entry. well its been an hectic month. exhausted yes i am. got no time to pampered myself at all. thought i cud rest in peace and happy cuti nih. things started well at first. and turns out quite ghdgliuaygfalskhfkjyyu this pass few weeks. how irritating.

theres a lotsa things i wanted to share with u guys here. unfortunately im not in the mo0d of blogging rite now so i dont wanna write any further. this entry is only a way to say that im back on track. im eager to blogging again. hahahaaa. but not today lah. =P

ive engaged btw. alhamdulillah. i am blessed. syukur yang amat. m0ga jodoh kami kuat. insyaAllah.

kinda dissapointed sebab tak sempat nak spent time dengan kawan2 cuti ni. haih. =(

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anN said...

hye!.. plz do vote for me @ http://shawlsayucinta.blogspot.com/search/label/contest

no.3 ANNURAIN tq :)

Hydaya said...

ameen.moge selamat ke jinjang pelamin plus ke anak cucu cicit blalalala...hehehe.tahniah atien!!!

atienalova said...

thnkz Dj!