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Monday, November 10, 2008

breaking up..

Y i choose diz title?hurmm..bet evry1 had face dis kinda sort of moment….wat do ya feel when diz occur..?all sort of feelingsS,,thoughtsS N evrytinks comev acrossS d head of behOlder..wawawawa…fer peops who had been dump,,questiOnz lyk why?hOw cOme?wats wrOng?N watssOeVer rushing through their head..angEr..kOnfiusS…sad..frustratEd…and PERHAPS feeling tO get revenge flooded in their blood..fer peops who had dump peops,,they gOt their Own feelingS N OpiniOn toO..One shOuld neVa blame them fer wat had happen..mayb he/she had already found a new lOve…DiUlang…MAYBE….

i think few things r s painful s d end of a relationship..when a relationship ends it is a mini-death..it marks d end of shared luv,,d end of sumtink dt has bc0me a part of u.. diz end is flled wif grief,anger,rejecti0n and depressi0n..even in cases where 0ne 0r b0th parties feel a sense 0f relief bc0z sumtink dat caused pain is n0w 0ver,,they still must g0 thr0ugh a peri0d of grieving..

br0ken ups cums in many wayz..u can b left, 0r u can b the 0ne wh0 leaves..it can b a sl0w death or a fast 0ne..n0 matter h0w it happens,,it really hurt..

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