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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

kawan baru

Petang semalam Mikhaiel make new friend. His name is Amzar. Forgot already whats his full name. heheheee. He's 9month, he got more teeth than Mikhaiel, and he can stand up without have to hold on anything!

Mikhaiel: Ibu, meet Amzar. Our size is about the same, is it? heheheeee.
Amzar: piece!

Mikhaiel: Lets play!
Amzar: Dont eat that thing. Its not food lah..

Amzar: Now, try to stand up like me. Can you?
Mikhaiel: Can.. Can. I just have to hold on to this fan.
Amzar: Errkkk.

Mikhaiel: I love to play ball. Lets play then.

Amzar: No. No. You wont pass the ball to me. Ill play by my self. Dont disturb me.
Mikhaiel: Look what i found? Its a purple spoon.
Amzar: But i still wont play with u.


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