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im walking in the rain. i find myself trying to wash away the pain.

Monday, March 30, 2009


sporty good looking guy. to do something random and fun with.

a daredevil. a trouble maker? geee~ i love trouble maker. they're fun!

thinking of taking me for an ideal date? anywhere fun and new. have a long walk at midnight pon boley. tak kesah. lagi suke. eheh.

lots of money! that'll will do. ahaks!

with cool cars. boley kan?

ape lagi yang aku mao dari laki eh?


im missing holding someone's hand. even if my hands sweating like hell, he holds me tight and refused to let go. i feel safe, only by letting him holding my hands.

miss walking in the middle of the night with him. having a street fight in front of the houses, accompanied by big ugly dogs.

he gives me comfort. showered me with smiles. confidence. love. happiness. care.

the 'he' im refering to is mohd syafeeq zaki.

oh Tuhan. please turn back the times. i miss my good old days. i miss him damn much.


coming all the way from bangi to kota bharu, just to meet me. not once. or twice. its like he'll be coming for every weekend. hell, im touch. no one ever do that.

he showed me passion. keep believe in me even if im way too much. keep showing me love, not give up even if he knows i dont really need love.

stop treating me nice. it makes me feel awkward. die pk aku pelik! sebab aku tak suke die layan aku baek. pelik ke aku? yeah aku memang pelik. eh tapi kamu memang baik yang amat. aku kengkadang rimas.

i know ure reading this buyon. thankz for your support.


i kept denying that i miss this one boy. but yet peops can see it through my appearence. that i do miss him. oyeah? ade die pedulik? TIDAK fatin. he's happy la bodoh! tengah gelakkan ko kot!? ko tidak malu kah? tidak! aku enggan menidakkan perasaan aku lagi! die memang berada dalam list aku.

i cried in the middle of the night. i cried when peops come and aproach me asking bout him.

questions like ..........................

'what happen?',
' do u still...........?' ,
'did u...........?',
'how come....?'

stop questioning me! aku nampak macam kaunter pertanyaan kah!? oh.

i may look strong. but im not. aku tidak ade tempat mao mengadu. tapi ade aku kesah? nope. apa da hal.


tolong berikan aku telinga. aku mao mengadu.

tolong berikan aku bahu. aku mao menanges.

tolong berikan aku hati. aku mao hidop.

tolong berikan aku cinta. aku mao bahagia.

2 pembebel berjaya:

amer|zhafran said...

ni lagi gatai..


gud luck ek...


atok said...

impian cinta.