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Sunday, January 18, 2009

my one and only wish.

‘if u have 0ne wish and u cant wish f0r m0re wishes, what will u wish f0r?’

That was 0ne 0f the questi0n that used t0 p0pped up in c0nversati0n with my friends. My usual answer w0uld be the same 0ld dull 0ne,

"I wish I was never b0rn."

It used t0 startle s0me 0f my friends, s0me th0ught I was adistic pers0n but I c0uldnt care less. N0 0ne has stepped int0 my sh0es and lived my life the way I had truggled pass thr0ugh it.

Yeah, I kn0w, s0me pe0ple had it harder than me but s0 what?

N0 suffering is similiar, s0 n0ne 0f it sh0uld be br0ught up0n justificati0n.

I knew h0w much I had wanted t0 run away, h0w many times I had went t0 bed h0ping that I will wake up t0 a perfect life, h0w 0ften I had spent the day w0ndering h0w w0uld things be if I did n0t exist and s0 I keep that wish in my heart, I want an escape.

Even th0ugh I knew there w0nt be any…..

7 pembebel berjaya:

Unknown said...

kf mao wish jadi org yg dihargai dan disygi aje haha..tak gitu cik atien

atienalova said...

hahahaa. wish wish.

Silly PuSSy said...

same la!!
x dew la... but sometimes adew rse cam tue!

Unknown said...

wish2 gak but kna usah yg lebeh ok jgn sampai terlebeh sudaa..

atienalova said...

silly pussy: yeah s0metimes, tapi jgn salu ok.. live ur life~

kf: klu suda telebih cane? eheheheeee.

DrSam said...


be careful of what you wish for, it may become true:)

amer|zhafran said...


long time ek..


so camna dgn kesayangan???